There’s already a snag

Alright, so I started looking into buying my tent for the trip and I had finally settled on

the Autana Sky by Tepui tents.  I really like the idea of having the attached annex on the side so I could access my vehicle without going outside.  I could also zip off the floor and use the annex as my shower.  Unfortunately, it seems it weighs 150 lbs and the roof capacity of my car is only 100 lbs, and worse – it drops down to 50 lbs due to having the moon roof.  At this point I have a few options.

1 – Figure out how to make the Autana work.  I reached out to Tepui just to make sure they don’t have any tricks up their sleeves for just such an occasion.

2 – Rent a towable.  Sadly, these cost just about as much as it would be to buy a Tepui tent.  The other downside is additional tolls, the need for larger spaces when camping, change to handling of the vehicle, etc.  Below are some of the options I’ve come across so far.

3 – Build something to go in the back of my car to facilitate sleeping/living out of it for a month.  This is one definitely has its pros and cons.  I’m thinking I would build something that would slide over the folded seats to better distribute weight.  I’d build storage along the side to keep things organized, and I’d custom fit a mattress to the remaining space so I can tolerate sleeping on it for 4 weeks.  This is appealing because it doesn’t have the draw backs of the travel trailer, and it would be a fun project, however I’m then limited it what I can bring with me and what space I have to stretch out.  I’ll have to keep considering my options.