It’s happening! Our boat (53 ft Adventurer, same type as last year) is booked for the same weekend.

PickupFriday, 9/10/2021 After 10:00 AM
ReturnTuesday, 9/14/2021 By 3:30 PM
Dock LocationBullfrog Marina
Estimated Cost Per Person$475
Deposit Amount$290
Deposit Due2/1/21
All costs based upon 11 people on the boat.

Cost Includes:

  • Houseboat Rental + Insurance
  • Speedboat Rental + Insurance
  • Estimated Fuel for both boats

Who has dibbs:

  • Anyone who went last year gets first shot at an available space
  • If there are more people with +1s than open spots, we will pull straws for who gets the 12th spot in mid-July
  • Beyond the plus one, additional people will need a second boat

Second Boat Details:

As of 1/2/21, the boat type we have is unavailable, however the next step up – the 48 Navigator is still available. The cost for the boat itself (including taxes) would be $340, compared to $290 for the first boat. This price requires the boat be at maximum occupancy, 10 people.

Pay Deposit:

Send $290 via Venmo – @joe-purnell

Teaser Video