Day 5 & 6 – Franklin, TN

As happens when visiting friends, I ended up catching up with Joe late into the night on Friday. Saturday really ended up being quite uneventful. Originally I had been hoping to make it to Nashville in time to hit up Pride, but I could still feel the bronchitis bringing me down so I figured it was best to just catch up on rest and enjoy the company of good friends and a burger from Culver’s.

Penny was thrilled to be at Joe & Lo’s. Somehow, it doesn’t seem she’s tired of being in the car, however she’s used to lots of play time with other dogs and hadn’t had any in 5 days. In no time her and Coco were doing the Shiba 500, running figure-8’s around the couch, into the sunroom, around the coffee table, and past our feet before running the track again. Coco was even kind enough to share her toys with Penny. And what I mean by that is every time Coco picked up a toy Penny decided that it was hers to play with, gently removing it from Cocos mouth, and eventually hoarding all of Coco’s prized possessions. Coco didn’t seem to care, she was just thrilled to have someone around to play with.

Sunday came and it was time to work on the camper, despite the ungodly heat and humidity. With Joe’s help (read: Joe figured it out) we were able to determine there was a wire wrapped around a gear in the crank assembly that needed to be tightened using a bolt on the front. Of course we figured this out after Joe busted his butt getting some unrelated bolts undone. After 20+ years of bouncing around the bolts had become a little warped, preventing them from coming off easily. While they didn’t directly help resolve the issues, it did loosen things enough to let us see into the crank box. With a few turns of the offending bolt, the wire was tightened and the camper was opening and closing easier than it ever had before. Hopefully it stays that way.

Having this resolved and a working camper attached to my car felt like a weight off my shoulders. It meant I wouldn’t be spending the next 4 weeks in a tent, and I wouldn’t have to make an unexpected trip back to Denver to drop off the 900 lb hitch ornament.

Now that the real work was done for the day, it was time to chow down. Joe, myself, and Joe’s son, Chris, went to Aldi for some cookout supplies earlier in the day. Okay, it might have been a trip for Waffle House take out that turned into a multi-purpose outing. That’s neither here nor there.  I stuffed my face with a delicious cheese plate (😍) and that was just the beginning. Joe & Lo prepared a feast. Just like every other time I’m with them, I’m stuffed beyond belief. It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re with friends.

Before I knew it it was Sunday night and I needed to get ready for our departure. I still needed to back track to Alabama for a meal or a hike, and I was waiting for 2 packages from Amazon that we’re supposed to arrive over the weekend. Last but certainly not least, I needed to get replacements for the 4 warped bolts we had removed from the crank assembly. I hit the hay with the plan to get an early start on Monday, especially now that I didn’t have to take the camper in for service.

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