Day 1 – Amarillo, TX

Well, prior to departure things got a little rough but in the end it all came together. In the days leading up to my departure, when I was supposed to be packing for my trip and enjoying the events of Denver Pride, I was feeling really run down. This had been going on for about a week, but was getting much worse and my allergies unbearable. I figured it may have turned into a sinus infecPride 2018 Phototion, so I went to Urgent Care to get a Z-pack to start helping things along. The day before I was to leave for a 5 week road trip I found out I had bronchitis. Less than ideal. After marching with the EY Float in the Pride Parade, I took it easy all day and tried to let my body recover. Sadly this meant missing all the other fun pride events and not packing for my trip.  Fortunately, despite feeling run down, I had the pleasure of marching with my co-workers and friends who were happy to show their support for the LGBTQ community.

Monday came and although I was improving, I was still run down and hadn’t at all started to pack. After resting all day Sunday and then only being able to operate at about half capacity, I had to do some serious catching up on Monday and, sadly, Tuesday.

Finally, around noon Tuesday, I was able to hit the road with Penny! Due to being a day behind schedule and the ease of accessibility of New Mexico, I decided to head straight to Texas. I’ll circle back to Santa Fe with friends in August with the goal of visiting Meow Wolf.

Tuesday was my first time even driving through NM, and the parts I saw were gorgeous.  Much less desert-y than I had expected.  Granted, I was only seeing a small corner of the state.  I drove 422 miles Tuesday before finally settling down in an OHV park just northwest of Amarillo. Not sure what an OHV is? I wasn’t either.  Its Off Highway Vehicle.  Dirtbikes, ATVs, and the like.  I set up camp just as the sun was setting, and there were a few ATVs whizzing around the dirt trails all around me.  I was close to a highway, so less than ideal, but was the best place around when I was ready to stop driving.

The first night in my new camper was….interesting.  I had set it up before and that all went smoothly.  What I hadn’t accounted for was the crazy winds coming from the tail end of the storm that hit Denver on Tuesday.  At one point it got so bad I was concerned the canvas of the camper was going to tear.  Given that I was in a tall medal structure higher than anything else around, on the edge of a severe thunderstorm with lots of lighting, I decided it was best for Penny and I to wait it out in the car.  I wasn’t trying to get fried my first day on the road.  After about 45 minutes the storm had passed enough that we were fine to get back in the camper.  I managed to sleep for a few more hours before starting Day 2.